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What is PO Financing?

Meridian PO Finance offers a variety of purchase order financing, or PO financing, options to a wide selection of industries, small businesses and vendors who supply goods and finished products. Typically this form of financing is tied to a specific transaction where our client requires  financing to be able to acquire the raw materials and supplies needed to manufacture, re-package, assemble, or purchase finished products. Purchase order financing allows our clients to increase their cash flow by providing them the tools necessary to guarantee growth and maintain profitability.

Purchase Order Funding Cycle

So what is PO financing? It is an excellent answer for a business to obtain quick, short-term capital that achieves positive, long-term results, without the transaction appearing as debt for your business. Most importantly, purchase order financing frees up your cash for critical business expenses and overhead.

Meridian funds deals as little as $10,000 and up to $10,000,000. Meridian helps your business by providing 100% of the capital needed to place towards an order so you can successfully complete your transaction. Multiple orders can be submitted to Meridian PO Finance for funding with a guarantee of no cap allowance per order. This level of flexibility allows small business to thrive and large scale enterprises to take advantage of an off the books debt that meets their shareholders expectations.

As a small to medium sized business, you can increase your growth potential by meeting large scale purchase order demands while gaining a competitive edge that will allow your business to enter into an arena that could otherwise take you a lot longer to accomplish. As a large scale enterprise, you can expect the quick and professional services we provide all of our customers with the funding to get your goods out of the pipeline and into the market with ease.