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Solving Your Cash Flow Problems

8 Years, with over $190 million in funding: The Story of Financing Success

On September 12, 2017, The Business Journals had published very exciting and hopeful news. Meridian PO Finance celebrates a very important milestone not just for itself, but also for all the clients they have helped reach success. Meridian PO Finance has contributed more than $190 million to the economy in the form of purchase orders and accounts receivable financing to companies in a multitude of business industries. These businesses range from a small Californian local company of a few employees to Fortune 100 companies.

By supporting capital needs for businesses – letting the clients concentrate on doing what they do best – Meridian PO Finance has helped develop businesses from their infancy to mid-size and more. What is more important to note, is that Meridian PO Finance creates an environment where everyone is a winner.

What Did Meridian PO Finance Give to Businesses?

Meridian PO Finance does not only provide capital solutions to businesses but also time and peace of mind for the business owners. In fact, there have been many cases where Meridian has breathed life back into a business that is already drying through the cash injection.

The lack of working capital to move your company in the right direction is a nightmare that can plague business owners everywhere, no matter how big or small their pocket book. This problem does not only translate to losing important business opportunities but loss in resources in the form of time and human equity.

Let Meridian PO Finance Bring Your Business Success!

How big is the cash flow problem?

It is much bigger than what most people imagine. According to the National Small Business Association 2015 Report.

  • More than one-fourth of small businesses do not get the funding that they need.
  • 27% of those businesses cannot grow and develop their companies in competitive markets due to lack of working capital.

This is saddening because these small businesses, who are usually smaller in size and have a high growth trajectory, have a stable and reliable stream of income. The concern is that their incoming revenue – while having a big profit margin – are nonetheless, receivables scheduled to be paid in the future while the business still has present capital expenses that need to be fulfilled.

Is Financing Business Success Held Back By Lack of Cash Flow

How did we help?

Supporting businesses has always been our strong point, and we do this through our proprietary system ACRUM. By proper application of good underwriting, proper risk and money management, and other important factors, Meridian PO Finance has given businesses the opportunity to better cash flow & working capital. This is done through two of our main financial products, purchase orders and invoice factoring.

  • Purchase Order Financing. Retailers and manufacturers need a reliable supply of products and materials. However, suppliers would insist on either a payment advance or upfront payment while the retailer or manufacturer may not have the capital since their cash is tied to their business operations.A purchase order funding helps these retailers and manufacturers by paying the supplier upfront. The retailer and suppliers simply focus on their priorities, fulfilling their contractual obligations. Provide the supplies!Meridian PO Finance has helped companies get purchase order financing with countries from those who share a border with us like Canada or Mexico and to those in distant but profitable markets like Japan, China, and Korea.
  • Accounts Receivable Financing. Some companies, namely those in the construction or in the distribution sectors, have profitable margins but need time to get the invoices paid. Government projects are also lucrative and stable but also needs time. While the revenue is delayed, expenses keep piling up. To help businesses in dealing with these expenses, they may leverage their invoices as collateral to get the capital they need.You can find a list of funding announcements with both industries, funding type and funding amount in Meridian’s Tumblr Account. Some of the companies’ Meridian PO has funded are:Non-perishable foods in Seattle, Washington: Company needed an emergency financing to purchase food items in bulk while paying for its necessary business expenses. Meridian PO Finance had helped them secure their $181,000 purchase order financing, which ensured a very profitable margin for the Washington Company.

Through ACRUM, Meridian PO Finance has ensured a win-win situation for all parties involved. If you have any capital concerns, give us a call, we are reputable experts in the alternative finance industry. We want to be a part of your success story!

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