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Small Business PO Funding

Purchase Order Financing Benefits for Small Business

Receiving a large order can be a powerful catalyst toward your small business’ success. However, due to capital restrictions, small businesses are often unable to accept all of the opportunities they receive without various forms of financing — small business PO funding being one of them.

Small businesses are forced to get creative when it comes to getting the capital they need, since banks do not give out loans as freely as they used to. Alternative options to traditional bank loans for small businesses include asset-based financing, cash advances, and small business PO financing. Depending on your circumstances, small business PO funding might be the key to growing your sales without selling your equity or increasing your debt.

Fortunately, Meridian’s small business PO financing can help small & medium sized businesses that qualify for purchase order financing.

When a large purchase order is awarded to a small business, it often doesn’t know who to turn to. Never turn down a monumental order—turn to Meridian. Small business PO financing can give you the ability and resources necessary to fulfill contracts on time.

Small Business PO Funding

If you have utilized all of your money in invoices and still do not have the money you need to fulfill an order, asset-based financing might be the avenue you should pursue.

How it Works

  • A small business is awarded a purchase order from a customer.
  • The small business presents the purchase order to Meridian PO Finance.
  • The purchase order is verified by the customer and supplier.
  • Meridian makes available the amount required to the supplier to fulfill and/or purchase the goods.
  • The small business is then able to produce the goods requested and ship them to the customer.
  • The customer pays Meridian PO Finance directly.
  • The account is settled by Meridian collecting its deployed funds, interest fees based on the agreed-upon purchase order financing rates, and any other miscellaneous fees to satisfy the open transaction.
  • The small business receives their profits, ultimately meeting their bottom line.

With expertise in small business PO financing along with professional connections in the invoice factoring and accounts receivable finance industries, Meridian PO Finance can help small businesses arrive at the optimal solution to address their financial limitations.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and small business PO funding rates.