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Purchase Order Financing For Growth

Promote Business Growth With Purchase Order Finance

The dilemma with creating and innovating your business is that it is limited by your financial capacity to thrive in a market where competition is tenacious. This is especially true for startups and small businesses that may have all the tools necessary to succeed in the arena except for one thing – their financial capacity to grow.

It’s a given fact that for many small businesses, no matter how good a business may be, they may not always be able move forward without the required financial backing. Most of these types of businesses do not yet have or are still learning to access funding that will make them a force to be reckoned with in their industry.

Many of these businesses often turn to banks and investors to provide them with working capital injection. In many cases however, these institutions only offer assistance to those who have assets and good credit standing. Two things which startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses aren’t always known for having. The need for cash flow, nevertheless, remains. Alternatively, there are other option that may be explored.

Purchase Order Financing as an Alternative Option

Startups and small businesses are exploring the benefits of purchase order finance. This is a mechanism that allows a firm to explore greater and bigger avenues for their company. Gone are the days when they’re strapped for cash thus limiting their potential to grow as a business. PO financing allows you to have the steady cash flow you need to turn your creativity, innovation, and even marketing into a greater business opportunity.

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Promote growth through purchase order finance

How Businesses Can Use PO to Accomplish Growth

There may be an opportunity to penetrate large or bulk orders but the funding to make that a reality may not be available. PO financing is the answer to this limitation. Some important questions and answers for small business owners looking for financing are listed below.

How Does It Work? If your customer is a government agency or an enterprise organization, you may require additional working capital for large orders that require additional:

  • Raw Materials
  • Packaging
  • Inputs
  • Goods for Resale

It’s the finance company that takes care of the materials so you can ship your orders. The money provided by the finance company is secured by a verified purchase order or contract.

Although the materials become the assets that secure the loan and since your credit standing can be less than perfect. All that is required is that your customer and supplier are creditworthy.

What’s in it for the Financing Company?

If this is such a good thing, then you might wonder what’s in it for the financing companies? The truth is they pay only a percentage of the total order value. This will allow your supplier to produce the working capital for the materials and shipping to your customers. When your customer pays, the financing company is also paid, and whatever balance is left is released back to the small business. This is basically a one-time transaction for each purchase order.

Why Is It Beneficial for Small Businesses?

Small businesses usually need a considerable capital to make them a key player in their industry. Loads of cash is required to carry out a big order which can potentially create the branding and name their company needs. With PO financing, businesses can take a part in any opportunity without having to take on large loans.

Steady Growth to Bigger Business

PO financing can make startups and small businesses grow into a larger enterprise. Growing means being able to hire more employees and branches. The presence of your brand can have a wider reach. The reach of the areas you supply will increase dramatically and all of this will happen without you having to forfeit a piece of your company.

With PO financing, a successful growth record is achievable for small businesses who want to make their presence felt in the industry they operate in.

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