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What is Factoring to a Small Business Factoring to a small business that’s in the position to take this action should always keep an open mind to it. It can increase and free up cash flow for other business operations and even expansion. When applying for alternative financing, the first thought that comes to mind Read More
Financing Your Small Business - Questions Answered
Financing Your Small Business – Questions Answered Financing your small business might not always be as clear cut as it seems it should be, leaving you to feel overwhelmed with choices or finding difficulty in understanding where to begin. The journey to getting funded for your business begins with researching different banks and their interest Read More
Factoring Account Receivables
Factoring Account Receivables Vs Purchase Order Financing There are several financing options available to small and medium sized businesses that help limit the financial burden they can acquire. Businesses may opt to have accounts receivables financing (AR factoring) or (PO) purchase order financing. The key to determining which of these choices is best for your Read More
Crowdfunding VS Alternative Small Business Financing
Crowdfunding VS Alternative Creative Financing – What suits your business model best? Crowdfunding involves raising small amounts of money from friends, family, the general crowd or colleagues. It provides an opportunity for startups and small businesses to raise funds by providing incentives to contributors. The growth of crowd funding platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter Read More
Free Asus Chromebook

How Can You Qualify for a FREE Asus Chromebook with Meridian PO Finance? Apply for Purchase Order Finance and/or Accounts Receivable Financing now. Call us today! 1-866-988-6868 How does it work? [gravityform id=”4″ title=”true” description=”true”] Fill out Meridians Application here. Complete, sign, and submit your application to info@meridianpo.com and get pre-approved within 24 hours! (Monday-

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