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Tools to Make Your Small Business Look Big Making Your Small Business Look Big Doesn’t Require 100 Workers & An Enterprise Building When it comes to owning your small business, there are ways you can make your business look larger than it is to have a far reaching market. How can you make your small Read More
Small Business Funding Myths that are Restricting your Profits The financial industry is a very interesting area filled with statistics and stories, however, the truth is mixed in with the fables. This confusion of facts and myths are costing businesses money in the short term and long run. We are not just talking in cents Read More
Micro Business Loans
Micro Business Loans Micro business loans have had an incredible increase over the few years with the ability to acquire low amounts of financing without all of the hurdles that come with it. Unlike purchase order financing and AR factoring, micro business loans do require a minimum fico and the loan is not based on Read More
government procurement contracts
Your Big Shot at Landing a Government Contract! Acquiring a government contract is very profitable for businesses, the first contract gets your feet in the door. The government’s purchasing departments across the U.S. play an important aspect in the conduct of government activities. Contracts happen when the government outsources services or products to other U.S. Read More
Go After Large Government COntracts
Is Your Business a Small Business in the Government’s Eyes? In our world, there are two basic ways to describe a business, it is either small or big. Though these two words sound like rather basic adjectives to describe an entity. Small and big have deeper meanings in the eyes of a government. For budding Read More