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Financing Your Small Business
What Are Your Alternative Financing Options? You filled out all the forms, provided your tax returns and credit report, gave the bank your business plan or balance sheet and income report, waited for the loan committee to get back to you, and the answer is no. It takes money to make money. Is it time Read More
Why Business Lenders Deny Loans
Why Are You Getting Denied & What Steps Can You Take? Acquiring the proper small business financing, for some, can be tough during the good times and nearly impossible during the cyclical economic downturns our nation experiences from time to time. Some would say that the current times we live in, are beginning to provide Read More
Advantages for Military Veterans
What Can You do As A Veteran Owned Small Business? There is abundant help for military veterans who want to start and grow a business. Information is power, and most of it is available online. One of your first online stops should be the Veteran Entrepreneur Portal on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website. Read More