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Solving Your Cash Flow Problems
8 Years, with over $190 million in funding: The Story of Financing Success On September 12, 2017, The Business Journals had published very exciting and hopeful news. Meridian PO Finance celebrates a very important milestone not just for itself, but also for all the clients they have helped reach success. Meridian PO Finance has contributed Read More
Boosting Your Business After The Holidays
Boosting and Financing Your Business After the Holidays The month of December is the month for joy, laughter with family, presents and gifts. For the majority of the population, this means a time to enjoy life and spend their hard-earned money. In fact, a Statistica Survey for 2017 shows that 89% would be participating in Read More
Alternative Financing For Your Equipment, Factor Your Invoices To Increase Your Cash Flow One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is getting the right financing to buy new equipment. New equipment is necessary for running different types of ventures whether in medicine, food processing, farming and manufacturing. You may require computers for your office, Read More
Transportation PO Financing
The Future of TransportationHow Financing Emerging Transportation Technologies Will Change Our World Financing emerging technologies in transportation has been a defining trend in the American economy over the last century. It allows us all to accomplish every day task in far distances with ease. A visiting traveler can get an Uber ride with their mobile Read More
Financing Your Small Business
What Are Your Alternative Financing Options? You filled out all the forms, provided your tax returns and credit report, gave the bank your business plan or balance sheet and income report, waited for the loan committee to get back to you, and the answer is no. It takes money to make money. Is it time Read More