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Manufacturing PO Financing

Benefits of Purchase Order Funding for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufaturing PO Financing

Industries that benefit from manufacturer purchase order financing are far reaching and include the supply chain industry; in particular, parts manufacturers who supply goods to various larger companies, distributors and manufacturers.

Meridian PO Finance understands that, when a supplier receives a large order from a manufacturing company, the response needs to be almost immediate. With manufacturing PO financing from Meridian, suppliers who manufacture goods for larger manufacturers can rest assured knowing that they will receive the resources they need in a timely manner to move products from “work in progress” to complete and fulfill large, profitable orders.

Oftentimes, smaller suppliers are limited financially and struggle to obtain a loan from a bank or other financial lender. PO funding allows suppliers to acquire the materials and tools they need to complete a work in progress and fulfill orders from their manufactures quickly, thus potentially establishing lasting relationships that yield profit. In certain cases, PO funding for manufacturing can even cover labor costs.

Manufacturing PO funding might be the best way for some suppliers to produce their goods; however, certain suppliers and manufactures may not be eligible. To qualify for manufacturing PO financing, a supplier must be a product re-seller or distributor, have commercial or government customers, order a large supply of products needed to produce their goods, and meet a minimum monthly sales amount.

Our portfolio of financed industries can also be found via some of our online presence platforms such as Yahoo Tumblr. For your benefit – we highlight on a continuous basis – some of our funding announcements in this blog and many other industries we’ve financed that deal with manufacturing of goods, ranging from technology for B2B to consumer goods and more. Trust the Meridian team and know that your funding approval is just right around the corner.

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