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International Trade Financing

Growing pains are typical for businesses to experience. When the orders coming in require more resources than are currently available, should you turn away opportunities for growth or find a way to get the funding you need? International Trade Financing may be just the solution you need to fulfill those large order obligations.

When it comes to seeking import/export financing for international business matters, traditional banks don’t always want to provide the help you need. They simply don’t have the patience and in some cases, the knowledge and experience with the complicated nature of international trade finance, ultimately finding this type of transaction too risky or making it too costly for the borrower.

That’s where Meridian PO Finance comes in. We are an alternative financier that helps domestic companies acquire funding to buy or sell goods overseas. Whether you need to secure overseas manufacturing of goods, raw materials, machining, tooling, or other services, we can help.

How Does Import/Export PO Financing Work?

Meridian offers importers financial support that enables them to provide overseas suppliers with a letter of credit. Here’s how it works:

  • 1. First, Meridian must approve of an international trade finance opportunity.
  • 2. Once approved, Meridian provides a letter of credit to the overseas supplier, including our client’s precise order specifications per the designated purchase order.
  • 3. When the order is complete, the goods are inspected, documented, and verified by an identified inspector who ensures that the transaction has been completed to our client’s specifications.
  • 4. Meridian deposits the funds in a tier-1 financial institution for the supplier to access once requirements are met.
  • 5. The overseas supplier can then receive payment by presenting proper documentation to the chosen banking institution.
International Trade Financing by Meridian PO

Why Choose Meridian for International Trade Finance?

Meridian’s import/export PO financing services come with many benefits for both the buyer and the seller.

  • Meridian covers 100% cost of goods.
  • Our secure platform mitigates risk for both the buyer and the seller in international transactions, ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality goods and prompt payment for them.
  • Our platform allows us to track and guide projects through the supply chain to ensure all goes to plan for both parties.
  • Our helpful network throughout Asia enables us to secure products, factory control, logistics, and quality control.
  • We have extensive experience facilitating transactions in India, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, Canada, North Africa, Pakistan, Italy, Israel, South America, and Baja Mexico.

Our international trade finance experts are here to help you secure the funds needed for overseas transactions to propel your business forward.

To learn more about International Trade Financing or to ask us questions, call us today at 866.988.6868