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Your potential for growth in the NEW YEAR

Welcome to 2017! Some say that when the new year begins, we get another fresh start, a clean slate. If you lived in San Diego or were visiting during New Years Eve, notice it was raining? A friend told me yesterday that she saw it as the earth cleansing itself. Cleansing itself before the new year begins, getting rid of bad energy and preparing for a prosperous new year. She said that this year will provide many opportunities to many across the world. That it is a year to start fresh, to look at last year’s failures and improve on them. To look at last year’s accomplishments and take them to the next level. That it is a year where many and even the country will once again redefine itself.

Are you going to be on that boat? Your growth potential in 2017 can be a lot greater than even you could have ever imagined. But how do you tap into that growth potential?

2016 might have brought you a lot of success. Maybe it brought you a lot of challenges and little to show for. No matter, this year will determine where you head in 2018 so what are you willing to do to set your course in the right direction?

Are you willing to set a simple goal? set plans in motion that will take you towards your goals closer and closer? Did you do everything you could have in 2016 or is there more you can improve on in 2017?

Only you can answer these question however, doing so will help you see the bigger picture. It can help you make informed decisions on the changes that need to take place in your life. Changes that will gradually help you improve. In business, that can be improving on your organizational skills for example. If you’re work flow is not automated, maybe that can be a resolution for you this year. Automate work flow by working with a qualified developer that can execute your work flawlessly. Efficiency creates growth and growth is success. Or maybe you want to start hiring, maybe an assistant for starters.

Is Financing An Option For You In 2017?

Maybe you’re looking to expand your business and want to target more lucrative clients and contracts. This is one option we believe many companies will take this year. With banks like Soft Bank from Japan who owns 80% of Sprint and is bringing back 5,000 jobs to the US. Opportunities are coming! They are investing 50Billion into the US economy and they are not the only ones. www.microbusinessloan.com will have $1 Million in funding for micro loans to companies in the San Diego County.

Another company investing into the American economy is Meridian PO Finance. We fund purchase order contracts & account receivables for qualified businesses across America. We have a team that is well versed in international trade financing and provide pre-approvals in 72 hrs or less. If you have question about purchase order financing or factoring, call us today at 866-988-6868.

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