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Purchase Order Financing for Government Contracts

Government contracts have the potential to provide a company with reliable business that pays well. With this in mind, government contracts are in high demand because they can result in a beneficial amount of cash flow for your business alongside a dependable customer. If your business receives an order from the government, it may be expensive to fill and put a strain on the resources of your company. In these instances, government PO financing is a viable solution.

Receive Funds Quickly

Government purchase order financing can result in an endless amount of benefits for you and your business. Being able to fill a government order and deliver it promptly is excellent for your professional image and it increases the likelihood of your customer returning to you later on. However, the expenses associated with a government order can put an uncomfortable strain on your available capital, resulting in a delayed product or even having to turn down the government order.

In these instances, many companies turn to banks for government contracts financing. For some businesses, however, this may not be possible due to credit restraints or length of time in business. Even for established companies, it may be difficult to secure a loan in today’s economic climate, which is where government purchase order finance can help.

Government Purchase Order Financing

How it Works

Purchase order financing supplies the capital to buy materials or product to fill a government contract. In this type of government contracts financing, Meridian PO Finance can provide the cash needed to purchase the supplies or goods necessary to fill the order.

Benefits of Purchase Order Funding for Government Contractors

Producing goods and services under a government contract comes at a steep price. At Meridian PO Finance, we understand that if a private company is awarded a government contract, the last thing it should do is walk away due to capital restrictions, especially when you can get approved for small business financing.

Purchase order funding gives numerous private companies the resources they need in order to accept government contracts. Because working with the government offers private companies security and a steady flow of orders that pay exceptionally well, Meridian oftentimes is able to provide PO funding to government contractors. Understandably, government contracts possess a higher level of security than other industry contracts, making them a safer endeavor for purchase order finance companies like Meridian.

PO funding could be the missing piece between your company and a large government contract. With the right qualifications, private companies that receive PO funding from Meridian are able to successfully fill and deliver government orders quickly, pursue valuable government contracts, and avoid taking out costly loans due to credit restraints.

What is even better is that due to their quick turnaround and terrific track records on government orders, these contractors are typically eligible for future government orders. Government contractors increase their profits, the government receives their orders on time, and partnership begins—all in all everyone benefits from PO funding.

If it were not for government purchase order financing, countless of private companies would have to turn down valuable government contracts. Meridian PO Finance is here so that does not have to happen.

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Small Businesses and Meridian

Government purchase order financing makes it possible for companies to generate the cash they need for a government contract in an efficient manner. This financing method also paves the way for smaller companies to go after larger government contracts.

If you are a small business owner who is unsure about whether or not your company has the capital to go after a government contract, our government purchase order financing solutions may be the best choice for you. PO financing will provide your company with the capital required to grow in an efficient and responsible manner.

The federal and state governments require goods and services from various small business type vendors, on a regular basis to sustain their operations. Small businesses can secure these government contracts to supply goods or servicesby bidding on government opportunities via online sites such as www.FedBizOpps.gov. There are two financing options for government contractors to utilize:

Small Businesses and Meridian PO

Meridian PO's Financing Options For Your Government Contracts

  • Purchase Order Financing: This type of financing is ideal for businesses that need capital to buy goods, supplies, raw materials, finish products. Meridian can finance up to 100% of cost of goods needs for government contracts. Meridian can provide between $10,000 and $10,000,000 in PO financing.
  • Invoice Factoring: After checking the creditworthiness of your client, Meridian will provide 75% to 80% advance against your invoices. Government contracts are almost always approved for invoice factoring. The rates for invoice factoring are significantly lower than typical purchase order financing rates which makes it suitable for any type of businesses.