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Government Contract Opportunities

Is Your Business A Small Business In The Government Eyes? Government Contract Opportunities

So what makes your business a small business? Does anyone have a true definition of what a small business is? Here are a few guidelines to look at when you’re considering whether your business is a small, midsize or large in the governments eyes.

What Constitutes a Small Business?

In this article we list the pros and cons of being considered a small business in the government eyes. We take you into some of the factors/variables that list your business as a small business in the US employer force and how that effects your bottom line. Government contract opportunities don’t come by everyday unless you have an incredible relationship with the government agency’s purchasing department so keep in mind that losing a contract because you can’t fulfill the purchase order is not an option for your success once awarded. Read this article, then give us a call to get you started on your next PO funding.

To read more on how your company is considered a small business in the governments eyes & what to look for in government contract opportunities, visit our Blogger

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