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Transportation PO Financing

The Future of Transportation

How Financing Emerging Transportation Technologies Will Change Our World

Financing emerging technologies in transportation has been a defining trend in the American economy over the last century. It allows us all to accomplish every day task in far distances with ease. A visiting traveler can get an Uber ride with their mobile device to anywhere in the city they’d like. In some cases – the driver willing – you can even get an Uber or Lyft drive between cities and even states.

Transportation alone is one of America’s largest industry which encompasses an array of sectors. From traveling in Railroads to interstate highway transportation for commerce, modern day family vehicles, flying in a plane across continents and even around the world. Many industries, external to transportation, benefited from this industrial and tech growth in emerging transportation technologies.

Financial industries are one of those many external collectives that benefited from the booming transportation trend, the economy it created and emerging technologies that sprouted because of it. This isn’t a one-time deal either, as transportation continues to evolve, more forward looking investors and Nations are needed to keep this growth on a consistent pace.  According to techcrunch.com, Fortune 500 companies alone spend a whopping $21 Billion per year in business related transportation. And household Americans could spend over $9,000 per year in transportation cost alone.

How did we get to such a technological advancement in transportation?

As with many obstacles in life, it can take many villages to move a Nation forward. Just like it can take a village to raise a child, between the everyday care, to education to personal skills to obedience and much more. The local community as a whole, needs to play a part to get the ball rolling for results to be seen and benefits attributed to these milestones could be gained.

Transportation is no different, since the early days of the railroads, financiers have been needed to fund transportation development projects. This includes funding government contractors for proposal contracts acquired. In some cases these are purchase order contracts that are too large for the infrastructure contractor to provide. Some contractors don’t have sufficient capital and without the assistance of a funding partner to get the initial milestone of the contract carried out, they could lose the contract.

The same is true for the vehicle industry. Whether you are an auto manufacturing leader producing the ideal family vehicle, an auto distributor or autonomous vehicle producer looking to fulfill your next purchase order. Financing in any form is almost always needed, unless you or your business have the financial assets that can support such a business endeavor.

Even if you are looking to finance aerospace equipment, and transportation, it is such a immense and lucrative industry that you will want to have a team of VC’s, financiers or hedge fund companies, and even financial parties by your side like Meridian PO Finance to fund your parts and inventory. Meridian can provide small business financing to help you meet your purchase order financial obligations, get the business on a growth track and make it possible to become a valid competitor.

The next evolution in transportation funding

What does the future hold for transportation technology?

Hyperloop One Financing Emergin Technologies


There are 2 major technological advancements on the way, both of which will require an immense amount of financial support from investors across the world. This will once again reshape the landscape of the transportation industry in the Western Nations & then the rest of the world.

The first of these new technological advancements in the transportation industry is dubbed the HYPERLOOP ONE. The HYPERLOOP is an Elon Musk creation that is based around the idea of traveling at 700 MPH in near-vacuum sealed tubes. This form of transportation would be considered a fifth mode of transport, think of speeding in POD like vehicles in a form of land base travel. Along with Elon Musk is also the co-founder Shervin Pishevar who is one of the logistical great minds in the group. Shervin Pishevar is accredited to assembling the team who is currently working on the first at-scale system, a system which is on track to be launched and tested in real live environment by 2020.

You can imagine that an industry based around the HYPERLOOP ONE concept will need vast financial support and a myriad of financial institutions ready to disburse funds at a moment’s notice. Of course, an idea like this will easily bring returns that will more than repay the debt.

Water Treatment

Water treatment processes are plagued by more than a dozen challenges. The technologies – to be efficient – they need to be easy to operate, require minimal chemical usage, produce as little waste as possible and be easy to automate. Chlorination, chemical filtration, and granular media filtration are the most common approach towards water treatment in both small and large scale applications.

However, in the past two decades, researchers have been looking at new technologies that can address certain long standing challenges. For example, traditional systems cannot remove rarer contaminants discovered in recent times. Also, new regulations have been put in place since these filtration systems were first invented. There are new technologies that can address these issues and a wide range of other problems.

Membrane filtration is one of the new emerging technologies that are efficient and affordable. The system is simple but can remove many contaminants and can achieve the same level of filtration standards as some of the traditional methods. The technology was first conceived in the 60s. The intention was to investigate how the phenomena of osmosis can be used to purify water. Since then researchers have refined the use of a semi-permeable membrane to filter water for small scale and large scale applications.

UV radiation is another system used for water filtration. There are currently hundreds of UV filtration plants in the US that serve school, airports, and hospital. The technology was also conceived decades ago, but it only started to be adopted for large scale use recently. It is inexpensive, simple, and does not produce chemical waste.


Autonomous vehicle is one more age old creative mind concept that has been floating around in human consciousness over the last 100 years. Many have looked for ways of getting society to this point and as it currently stands, companies are now evermore involved in this new endeavor. Companies like Google, Ford, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Tesla and many more are now looking to be the leaders in this industry. They are investing billions into this new emerging technology and as of today there are 5 states willing to have autonomous vehicle testing on their roads.

This technology is set to be released in the next 5 years and as you can surely bet, there is and will continue to be major pushback from the naysayers until the recent fall backs that have happened in the last few years are no longer a regular occurrence. In any case, this is a major technological leap in transportation and financing from investors from around the world will be needed to help this industry get off the ground in an expeditious manner.

Like the great ideas prior to these two, these technological advancements in transportation will improve not just a Nation but the world. Just like the .com era increased our efficiency in the work force – and thanks to all the financiers across the world that played a part – now, it is the transportation industry’s turn to play a part in making our everyday life more efficient.

If you know of other great transportation technological ideas, please leave a comment below. We would love to update this article with more emerging transportation technologies and how those will be finance.

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