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Financed Client Testimonials

Funded Projects Testimonials

Thanks for the Gov. Contract Funding!

James P. FEMA contractor in Northern California

My company was recently awarded a national contract with FEMA producing a ‘green’ solution for temporary housing units. With the financial assistance I received from Meridian PO Finance, I was able to fulfill the awarded purchase order.

Funded Projects Testimonials

Our True Business Partner!

Karen A. Government Contractor in Florida

In today’s economy, receiving a large government award means we’ll need cash flow — fast. Meridian’s fast approval process has helped us, time and again. They truly are our business partner and have been an integral part of our growth.

Funded Projects Testimonials

I Really Liked The Speedy Service!

Jack D. Government Contractor in California

When it comes to purchase order financing, Meridian delivers, fast and professionally. They are great to do business with.

Funded Projects Testimonials

Looking Forward To The Next Loan!

LEJLA S. Online Educational Services in Texas

We have been working with Meridian PO Finance for only a short time; however, in this time period they have treated us like we are their number one customer. We look forward to working with them for many years to come!