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Leverage Your Account Receivables For Working Capital

Meridian PO Finance is a “one-stop shop” for your short-term working capital needs. We can fund you when your bank can’t. We fund you without demanding equity or collateral. How do we do it? We use a powerful, time-honored financial solution called account receivable financing. Watch our short video here for a quick explanation, and we’ll provide additional information on account receivable financing below.

How Account Receivables are Priced

In order to provide you with the best price possible for your account receivables. There are few metrics account receivable finance companies take into consideration when factoring your invoices. Generally speaking, most finance factors tend to feel safer when factoring an invoice that is owed by a large enterprise or corporate company than when collecting from a small business owner. Meridian PO Finance focuses on catering to small business owners for up to $10 Million in funding. Just one big difference between us and your alternatives.

Staying consistent with this concept, the same goes for the length of your invoices. On a general understanding, most account receivable financiers feel safer funding a newer invoice than factoring an invoice that is 60 to 90 days out. Our finance firm provides flexible short term repayment that fits within your business budget.

The Added Benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing with Meridian:

In a nutshell, account receivable or “invoice” factoring is a transaction in which a finance company buys your invoice. The factor advances you cash on it, usually between 70-85 percent. The finance company collects the invoice from your customer and pays you the balance, minus its fee of 2-4 percent.

This arrangement immediately solves two problems for you:

  • Cash Flow: When you need it, you need it. There’s no substitute for it. And yet, conventional bankers seldom share your sense of urgency. Investors treat your urgent situation as an opportunity to demand equity for indispensable working capital. Structurally, you are partnering with the wrong kind of financiers. Your working capital solutions lie in factoring your invoices, perhaps even factoring your purchase orders. The longer you wait for your money, the fewer deals you can squeeze into your fiscal year. Factor your invoices and move on to the next money-making deal.
  • Collections: If you love collecting, skip this paragraph. If you hate paying and equipping an in-house staff to collect slow-moving invoices, you’re going to have a warm spot in your heart for invoice factoring. Account receivable finance companies like Meridian PO Finance assume the burden of collecting your invoice after they buy it. Re-assign your collection staff to sales or operations. Or don’t hire them in the first place.

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Why Is Account Receivable Financing a Good Alternative for My Business?

  • Access to working capital:You’ve already invested your own capital fulfilling the order, and now you need to invest it in your next deal. With account receivable financing, you’ll be able to offset capital tied up in receivables.
  • Agility: Invoice factoring decisions are swift. At Meridian PO Finance, we often decide within 24 hours after you submit a complete application. This empowers you to take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities in your industry.
  • Sensible process: Factors are not bureaucracies. They work on commission, so there’s no incentive for complacency or sloth. Their paperwork is reasonable in scope and transparency. At Meridian PO Finance, our application forms are posted on our website. You can look them over right here, if you like.
  • Clean transaction: You don’t need to worry about bank restrictions or giving up equity when you factor your invoices or purchase orders. It’s a clean, quick transaction without any monthly payments stretching to the horizon.
  • Rational credit: Invoice factors care about the customer’s payment history, not yours. If you’re climbing out of business trauma, or if you’re a new start-up without established credit, your invoices are still valuable if you have good customers.
  • Growth: Growth isn’t cheap. You need to re-invest much of your revenue back into your business opportunities, and you need it now. Factoring your accounts receivable can get your money back to work in your business sooner.

How does factoring help my business?

Why not thrive?

Many small businesses were battered during the recent recession, and their credit reflects the trauma. The newest start-ups haven’t had time to establish strong credit, and find themselves under-resourced. Account receivable financing is a solution for small businesses with weak credit, because the transaction is based on the invoiced customer’s payment history, not the entrepreneur’s credit. Sell your creditworthy invoice at discount in return for advanced payment & collection services.

The value of the account receivable financing company’s collection services shouldn’t be underestimate. Many entrepreneurs report collections are an energy drain that saps their enthusiasm for the core business. Companies like Meridian PO Finance have the potential not only to stabilize your company finances, but to give you your joy back.

What are my alternatives?

Factor BIG!

There are two types of factoring: account receivable or “invoice factoring” and purchase order financing. Both are covered by the umbrella term “factoring”. Invoice factoring helps you increase your cash flow when your invoices aren’t paid. PO funding helps you fulfill your contractual obligation.

Combining your purchase orders with account receivables can help your business get over the hump and into production. This is much easier if you deal with an asset based lender that can factor your PO’s and AR’s.

If you’re in the Pacific time zone, we are available Monday through Friday til 5pm. East Coast businesses can call us til 8pm. We’ll ensure that your business benefits from our account receivable financing. For more information, contact us today or call toll-free at 866.988.6868.

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