Purchase Order Financing

Meridian PO Finance’s proven method of purchase order financing allows our clients to grow their business and sales outside of current cash flow or credit constraints. Purchase order financing is an excellent solution for small and mid-sized businesses to obtain quick, short-term capital, which produces long-term benefits and a strong platform for growth. Due to tightening credit markets, our company’s advantage is our ability to provide the capital needed to fulfill a current or future purchase order to a wide variety of companies in an efficient and expedited manner. Pre-approvals for PO financing can be provided within 24 hours and funding can be available in as little as 3 days.

Purchase order finance is an ideal business financing strategy for those companies that sell products produced by a third party or that are simply growing beyond cash flow constraints. Moreover, purchase order financing allows companies to access the capital they need quickly and without restrictive qualifying standards. In most cases, you can start financing your purchase orders in a matter of days and as a result, grow your business and bottom line.

Why Meridian for PO Financing?

Meridian PO Finance is a specialty, alternative finance company with a driven focus on purchase order financing. Our proven business financing platform provides the ability to step in and become a short-term capital partner. With minimal risk and responsible businesses, PO financing can serve as a dependable form of capital that is easily accessible. Our typical client comes to us when they have a purchase order but require capital to bridge the cost of goods, supplies, materials and other elements they may need in order to fulfill that purchase order. Our firm’s best interest is in the success of your business.

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